Sydney Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQ

What’s PPC marketing?

Pay-Per Click marketing, or PPC, is an online advertising technique used on Websites and Search Engines across the web where an advertiser is billed only when their ad is clicked on. Pay-Per-Click marketing was created to help companies drive quality, targeted traffic to their Website in a cost effective way.

What’s Sponsored Search Engine Positioning (pay-per Click)?

Sponsored search engine positioning is an online marketing system advertisers may bid for ads that appear above, alongside or below search engine results for particular key words. Usually the highest bidder for each key word will be recorded on top of the search engine listings page. Yet with Google Adwords, the quality of the landing page can have an impact on the minimal bid price. Advertisers will only be charged when a prospect actually clicks on their ad. Below is an example picture of Google search results with Sponsored Search Engine Results Emphasized (Google Adwords).

You might not need the clicks at that cost?

Creating what you need from PPC advertising should be your first choice. Whether you’re looking for more traffic to your web site, attempting to encourage particular products/services, or if you’re an SME looking to develop your brand and develop on-line exposure, the cost per click needed to be #1 might be too high to warrant.

Where will my listings appear?

Both leading sponsored search applications are Yahoo’s Search Marketing and Google’s Adwords. A third factor is MSN search but their total search volume is less. PPC Managment will talk to you to decide the best Search Engines to boost in your website based on several variables. Listing with Yahoo! Search Marketing will cause your ad to appear on Yahoo and its associates websites including: MSN, AltaVista, Excite, Netzero, Dogpile,,, HomeGain, . Listing with Google Adwords will cause your ad to appear on Google and its network including: AOL, Netscape, Lycos, Earthlink, AskJeeves,, CompuServe, AT&T Worldnet,, The New York Times, Food & HGTV.