Pergola Design Questions

Do you have a question about The Pergolas Sydney Authority Pergolas or Patio Covers? Are these hurricane or cyclone tested for Sydney or Perth?

Pergolas Sydney Authority 7/40 The Grand Parade Brighton Le Sands NSW 2216 Phone:(02) 80804340

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What about cold weather circumstances?

Yes. They are intended to match or exceed Florida’s tough hurricane codes, in addition, on to withstand heavy snow loads in the beach.

Would you provide a rough estimate of their prices?

No, We are sorry. Each project is unique concerning size, layout, options, and personalization. There isn’t any “one size fits all” response.

Contact Us with the particulars of your job. We will have a local vendor contact you straight away to prepare a particular quote for your own pergola.

Can you service my area in Sydney West?

We are quickly expanding our network of providers across South-western Sydney, Sydney – Eastern Suburbs, The Northern Suburbs and Southern Sydney Contact us to find out more.

Is this product made in Australia?

Yes. Our pergolas are made, fabricated, and constructed by Australia craftsmen–completely from the Australia.

What is the fabric of the pergola made from? What about the colours? What about the colors?

All Parts are fully-extruded, powder-coated aluminum (the sole fully-extruded aluminum louvered roof system available on the market now). Then

Then we utilize stainless steel screws to fasten the whole system. The Aircraft-grade aluminum will not rust, and is offered in four stock colors (white, beige, adobe, and bronze)… and thousands of customizable color schemes.

Is there any way to find the sales in person?

Yes. Contact us now. We’ll put you in contact with a vendor in your region. They can supply you a chance to view it in person.

Does this need city/county council permits

Yes. All pergolas are constructed “from the novel.” The neighborhood distributor understands the regulations in your town. They’ll ease and look after all this for you.

Can you construct custom pergola setups?

We construct the whole structure. But we can even customize the setup to fit your personal property or requirements.

When You contact us, then you can offer a thorough description of just what type of setup you would like. (And even should youn’t understand… reach us out. We’ll schedule an estimator to come help you design it)

I have an present aluminum pergola. Does your roof replace the one that I possess?

Yes. Contact us with the particulars of your job. We will do our very best to supply you the precise, custom build you would like.

Is the roof completely waterproof when shut?

Yes. All Pergolas includes an internal, built in gutter program. When closed during a rain shower, the louvered forks act like rain stations. They
station down all water through our internal fireplace program. You can also recover the rainwater to water your plants if you choose!

Would you tell me more about the smartphone program?

The Program allows you to define regular daily open/close days… adjust the angle of the pitch (up to 170 degrees)… choose four preset conditions for the ideal positioning at the ideal time frame… and pick the way your system performs mechanically in the rain and wind.

Does this come with a guarantee?

Yes. All pergolas arrive with a 15-year warranty on the construction and also a five-year warranty on the electronic equipment. The guarantee is transferable should you decide to sell your property.

Could I get an information package?

Yes. Contact us below and we’ll supply you a full-detail, downloadable merchandise catalog (pdf), immediately.

Our Map Direction
For customers that would like to visit us we offer these convenient Map Directions for you to use.

Pergolas Sydney Authority
7/40 The Grand Parade Brighton-Le-Sands , NSW 2216
Phone:02 8080 4340

Contact Us



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Pest Control

Do I have to have my home inspected to establish the price of your service?
Two pest issues or no two houses are just similar. So,  “customizes” our treatment plan according to the unique advice discovered during the review procedure. Our professional inspectors conduct a comprehensive review of your house and property and give you a comprehensive report summarizing special treatment plan and their recommendations to your unique scenario. They are going to also point out places that need your attention. The review is supplied to you totally free.


By the time you decide to consider pest management services, you’ve most probably attempted it yourself (over the counter treatments can kill some pests but will not be as capable of supplying constant prevention from re-infestation) and discovered that most pests are persistent. Most homeowners also lack expertise and time to manage particular pest situations which can be encountered in the vicinity of your home or office.

Our whole team is prepared and trained in the prevention of its return and the removal of your particular pest problem.

Question: I’ve a house that is clean but still have bugs—why?

Pest Control Sydney

Pest Control Sydney

RESPONSE: Pests need what we’ve— water, food and shelter. Many pests including even rodents and roaches can fit in search of these resources through tiny cracks and crevices. Other pests will not be related to cleanliness in the slightest. It’s best to have a trustworthy professional conduct a comprehensive review of your house.

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Sydney Pay Per Click (PPC) FAQ

What’s PPC marketing?

Pay-Per Click marketing, or PPC, is an online advertising technique used on Websites and Search Engines across the web where an advertiser is billed only when their ad is clicked on. Pay-Per-Click marketing was created to help companies drive quality, targeted traffic to their Website in a cost effective way.

What’s Sponsored Search Engine Positioning (pay-per Click)?

Sponsored search engine positioning is an online marketing system advertisers may bid for ads that appear above, alongside or below search engine results for particular key words. Usually the highest bidder for each key word will be recorded on top of the search engine listings page. Yet with Google Adwords, the quality of the landing page can have an impact on the minimal bid price. Advertisers will only be charged when a prospect actually clicks on their ad. Below is an example picture of Google search results with Sponsored Search Engine Results Emphasized (Google Adwords).

You might not need the clicks at that cost?

Creating what you need from PPC advertising should be your first choice. Whether you’re looking for more traffic to your web site, attempting to encourage particular products/services, or if you’re an SME looking to develop your brand and develop on-line exposure, the cost per click needed to be #1 might be too high to warrant.

Where will my listings appear?

Both leading sponsored search applications are Yahoo’s Search Marketing and Google’s Adwords. A third factor is MSN search but their total search volume is less. PPC Managment will talk to you to decide the best Search Engines to boost in your website based on several variables. Listing with Yahoo! Search Marketing will cause your ad to appear on Yahoo and its associates websites including: MSN, AltaVista, Excite, Netzero, Dogpile,,, HomeGain, . Listing with Google Adwords will cause your ad to appear on Google and its network including: AOL, Netscape, Lycos, Earthlink, AskJeeves,, CompuServe, AT&T Worldnet,, The New York Times, Food & HGTV.

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Most Asked Questions About Psychologists in Sutherland

The Top 7 Most Asked Questions About Psychologists

How to locate the BEST Sutherland Therapist for you

The very first time I went to treatment, my parents picked a psychotherapist immediately (an easier decision than which mechanic they took their car to). The means my parents found this nutter-butter-can-of-cashews was that my first pediatrician did not understand what to do for my nightly all night/every night nightmares and so he sent me to a therapist. He believed she was great due to her apparently remarkable pedigree, and I want to let my parents tell you as they told everyone who asked, “She did therapy on the Prime Minister from Israel.” Even at ten I found this bit of information logistically doubtful and troubling, as we lived in a beachside suburb in Sutherland as well as the Prime Minister from Australia lived in SYdney.

Questions to inquire

Are you a licensed psychologist? Just how many years have you been practicing psychology? I’ve been feeling (anxious, tense, depressed, etc.) and I’m having troubles (with my job, my marriage, eating, sleeping, etc.). What expertise do you have helping folks with these types of issues? What are your areas of expertise — for instance, working with families and kids? What kinds of treatments do you use, and have children and families been proven successful for dealing with my kind of difficulty or dilemma? What are your fees? (Fees are often based on a 45-minute to 50-minute session.) Have you got a sliding-scale fee policy? What kinds of insurance do you accept? Are you going to accept direct billing to or payment from my insurance carrier? Are you really affiliated with any managed care organizations? Do you accept Medicaid or Medicare insurance?

Ask family and friends

Ask friends if they enjoy their therapist that are in therapy. Figure out what it is they like about them and ask your buddy to ask her therapist for a listing of referrals, if your friends do. Never have I gotten a great referral that manner but I’ve given out some great referrals because friends have asked me if my therapist understood anyone for them.

If not one of your friends are in therapy or if they tell you they don’t enjoy their therapist and how they keep going just because they don’t want to hurt the therapist’s feelings, it’s wise to get a referral elsewhere. I’ve gotten my most of my referrals by phoning institutes (Jungian/Psychodynamic/Psychoanalytic) to find out what therapists were in my region. That said, you do not want a therapist who is convenient —you want a therapist who is not bad. Good and suitable do not frequently go together. I believe Igor is worth the hour drive although I could have a therapist that is only five minutes from my house. And, I find the 60-minute drive home to be an important time.

Many institutes have a service in which a clinic director is going to do an intake and determine what therapist in the community may be a good fit for you. That is a great approach if you don’t have a referral source to find a therapist.

Inspirit Psychology Sutherland

Address: Suite 3/7 Eton Street Sutherland NSW 2232
Phone Number: 0438 987 578
link to site
Email: [email protected]

counselling sutherland shire DrGeoffreyLyons401x602 marriage counselling sutherland shire

Credentials to look for

After graduation from college, psychologists spend an average of seven years in graduate instruction training and research before receiving a doctoral degree. As part of their professional training, they need to complete a supervised clinical internship in a hospital or organized health setting and at least one year of postdoctoral supervised experience before they can practice independently in almost any health care arena. It is this mixture of doctoral-degree training and a clinical internship that differentiates psychologists from many other mental health care suppliers.

Psychologists should be licensed by the state or jurisdiction in which they practice. Licensure laws are meant to safeguard the public by restricting licensure to those persons qualified to practice psychology as defined by state law. In most states, renewal of this permit depends upon the demonstration of ongoing competence and requires continuing education. In addition, APA members stick to a strict code of professional ethics.

How do you choose a therapist that is good and when is it time to call it quits?

Once, we kept our problems to ourselves. But in recent times, more Australians have found the advantages of professional treatment.

Since late 2006, when an approved number of treatment sessions – typically six, but up to 12 a year – became rebatable under Medicare, 1.5 million people have visited shrinks.

But this approximation doesn’t include other sessions that are private, unfunded, says a spokesperson for the Australian Psychological Society.

What it all adds up to is millions of dollars paid out to practitioners to help those in emotional difficulty move past their difficulties. (In a 2005 report by the Australian Counselling Association, the typical fee for a counselling hour was $57 and for emotional services, the typical fee was $176.)

Nevertheless, like every other sector, the treatment company has great and bad practitioners and it really is a case of buyer beware, says clinical psychologist Dr Tess Crawley, a University of Tasmania honorary research associate who has her very own practice.

Client complaints

Between 2009 and 2008, in New South Wales the Health Care Complaints Commission received three against unregistered shrinks 84 complaints against registered shrinks and eight against counsellors and therapists.

These grievances covered a selection of problems to genuine attention from fees, although details of the criticisms are kept secret.

“It’s the client’s job to assess the therapist, along with the other way around,” Dr Crawley says. “You certainly should not hesitate to change therapists if you’re not happy or you don’t feel they’ve the experience or the private connection that suits you. You wouldn’t hesitate to alter hairdressers.”

Sutherland psychologist Geoff Lyons says you should also find out, upfront, approximately how many sessions you’re in for. In case you do not, you might be caught in the therapy snare, like New South Wales-based entertainment administrator Louise Wilson, who has been in therapy since her mom died when she was in her teens. In her 40s, Wilson estimates she has seen over 20 therapists.

How will I know if a therapist is right for me?

This is really a difficult question, however an important one however. For people that have the good fortune of finding a proper therapist first time, this question may not even appear. For others yet, it can be quite a different narrative. The hunt for the ‘right’ therapist isn’t unlike searching for the ‘right’ accountant, doctor, contractor or hairdresser. Whether it be entrusting our home, our health, our finances or our hair to someone else, few folks would settle for just anyone.

However, a lot of us are experienced procrastinators. Anything is scarcely sought by us unless we perceive or feel an immediate need for it. Exactly how a lot of people do you know who can say that many of us have found a therapist but really not yet engaged their services? As it happens, most people wait till they’re enduring in the middle of a catastrophe or extreme emotional pain – and need help right away. Such a time is probably not the very best time to pick a therapist.

When discomfort is extreme, there’s a lot of pressure to locate relief – and find it fast. These less than perfect circumstances can allow it to be hard to concentrate our thoughts and make sound judgements.

A typical scenario: After fighting for an extended amount of time we finally’ hit the wall’. Desperate, we make an appointment with first available therapist and the closest. At the initial meeting we find that the therapist works on a wavelength which is not harmonious with our own. We sink into disappointment and despair. Unaware of alternatives, some of us choose to persevere – albeit half heartedly. Or we might become disillusioned and give up on the thought of treatment completely. Neither of these outcomes is acceptable; there is little joy in settling for mediocrity and maybe even less in allowing ourselves to become jaded.

How Does Therapy Work?

What is the dissimilarity?

People frequently ask what the difference is between psychiatrist, psychotherapist, counsellor and a psychologist. There are major differences in the training and standards prescribed by professional bodies that control these professions. read more at

Also the ways of treatment may vary though many professionals are pretty diverse, that’s they may utilise several treatment strategies to suit their customer’s individual needs.

The following descriptions are an attempt to help clarify the confusion! They’re not rather specific; there’s enormous assortment in addition to similarity in the way mental health professional’s work.


Psychology could be defined as the scientific study of behaviour. Psychologists have a strict foundation in the scientific study of human behavior as well as their training reflects a strong emphasis on validity of measures and dependable evidence of successful interventions.

Training and professional standards

Psychologists usually undertake 4 to 6 years of proper tertiary study along with a recommended variety of years of work under professional supervision from another registered shrink in order to qualify. It takes 4 years to register as a psychologist and 6 years with a masters degree to be accepted to the A.P.S.(Australian psychology society) as a member.

An undergraduate degree has a powerful experimental and research foundation. In the later and next years, areas that represent specialisations are undertaken, consequently psychologists may be found working in specialised areas including:

Etc. clinical and counselling psychology, industrial psychology, educational psychology, sports psychology, consumer psychology, community psychology, organisational psychology, forensic psychology, environmental psychology, experimental psychology,

Although not a prerequisite, some psychologists undertake regular clinical supervision or consultation to review their work with customers and who work have had their own psychotherapy. This contributes to greater effectiveness and therapeutic insights for their clients.


Counselling and clinical psychologists usually provide emotional treatment from various inclinations for example cognitive behavioural (CBT), and humanistic Gestalt and customer centred and psychodynamic approaches.

Other theoretical stances and these really represent an alternative manner of understanding and describing customers’ problems.

Their fees are non claimable from medicare, but a small rebate (which is typically up to $500-$600.00 per annum per family or individual) is occasionally claimable if people have private extras health insurance.

Shrinks in Sutherland Shire

Psychiatrists are medical doctors that have undertaken additional training. Psychiatrists may work in numerous settings or specialisations.

These settings can include prisons, hospitals, and private practice and include many specializations including the management of legal work, chromosomally induced mental disorders and schizophrenia.


To train as a psychiatrist the person must attain a medical degree followed by 5 years. Once an individual is qualified, regular professional development is discretionary. The professional organising body is the Royal Australian and new Zealand College of Psychiatrists (a psychiatrist is a Fellow of this body- FRANZP) This body keeps standards and guidelines for ethical behaviour.

Psychiatrists also work in settings that are diverse and they (unlike psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors) can prescribe drugs.

If the patient has a referral, the fees, or part of her/his fees, of a shrink could be claimed on Medicare

Some psychiatrists work as psychotherapists but usually are not required to undertake regular oversight and to have had their own psychotherapy, whilst some do and have. Psychiatrists use a range of curative interventions according to their patients’ needs.


Psychotherapists typically work using their customers for months or perhaps years and try to aid the customer to positively reorganise negative encounters of others or themselves. In essence psychotherapy is an effort to heal the “self” when the customer is just not functioning together with they might like. A developmental view generally advises psychotherapy, but increasingly neurobiological research is substantiating and directing the practice of psychotherapy.


Psychotherapists usually have an authorized tertiary degree, expertise in the helping professions and private suitability to become psychotherapists. Many psychiatrists and psychologists decide undertake training in this area and to practice psychotherapy in Sutherland. Training for psychotherapists is commonly 3 to 4 years using the absolute minimum of two years of the own treatment, in addition to a degree, plus routine (at least fortnightly oversight) by another experienced psychotherapist. There is often an extremely noticeable clinical

(experiential) bias with trainees often being taped whilst working with customers so that a investigation of their work might be done in order they learn from carefully scrutinising themselves.


Psychotherapists, to enroll as clinical members of an should be engaged in a minimum of many hours weekly running psychotherapy and undertake regular professional development in regard to seminars, lectures, conferences and reading. PACFA (Psychotherapists and Counsellors Federation of Australia) is the organisation to which psychotherapists and counsellors who meet these standards may belong either as people, or as part of accredited organisations. To register each organisation must have clear sets of guidelines for ethical conduct.

PACFA was created to promote minimum training standards and professional excellence for mental health professionals (psychotherapists & counsellors), and as such is the representative body for these professions.

Therapy procedures

Psychotherapists are trained in a lot of psychodynamic theories, and there is fairly fervent argument about which particular theory is the most right! Many psychotherapists would agree they take from what theory seems to fit and suit their customers at that time. Psychotherapists consider that “empathic fit” or the relationship between themselves and their customer to be the most significant determining factor affecting the potency of the treatment.

To find out more please look up

Counsellors Map

Counsellors have quite training that is altered, from a Masters in counselling to a few weeks by correspondence, and at present in Australia any one can call themselves a counsellor or a psychotherapist.

PACFA has been set up to protect the public with respect to the standards and ethical training which should accompany these professions.

Broadly speaking counsellors often work in areas that are as broad and varied as those undertaken by psychologists, psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

Operators that are unethical

If she or he does not cut back, ask yourself whether you are with an unethical therapist for whom you’re only a meal ticket, Rod says. “Is your therapist seeing you only for the amount of money?”

Needless to say, there is also the long-term, Freudian type of investigation, adds Rod. Here is the style that some people, including stars, favor. “You may go almost every day for many years and years.”

Dr Crawley says: “I’m not a fan of weekly treatment. My purpose is to make myself redundant.” Her aim would be to get hard instances down to two or three monthly checkins.

In the event you’re not happy with your therapy is going, it is your responsibility to alter professionals, she says. Precisely the same is true for a therapist who makes opinions which you find violent or not helpful.

Julie Simons*, a 32-year-old ecology student, found a number of therapists after she decided to take care of her family’s break up as a child. She had a problematic relationship with her mother and no contact with her father, and felt that she wasn’t as unsuccessful in other personal relationships as she could be.

“I’d one therapist ask me if I’d ever believed my mom was as disappointed in me as I was in her,” she says. “That wasn’t particularly helpful! Another told me that when I got better I wouldn’t need to wear black anymore.”

To conclude

It’s possible for you to ask regarding the experience as well as training of your mental health advisor, and research the organisation to which counsellors are affiliated to check whether or not they are filed with PACFA, the APS or FRANZCP.

If you are contemplating therapy, particularly long term therapy, normally who seeks regular oversight and that therapy is better educated by a therapist who has had their own therapy and is able to distinguish their very own problems from yours.

Of course, an incredible number of Australians, including 32-year old restaurant manager Sam Richardson*, have been helped by therapy.

“I had just split up with my partner of 10 years and was suicidal when my doctor recommended I see a psychotherapist,” Richardson says. “Crisis counselling brought me back from the edge.”

The Australian Psychological Society says any complaints of a therapist must be brought to the interest of the professional body in your state.

1. Forget the yellow pages. A yellow pages listing is expensive so a lot of good people are not there. I’m not. Plus there is no oversight or regulation of who can list.

2. Ask a professional and trust. Your accountant, attorney, dentist, doctor – any professional you have a relationship with who honors your confidentiality is a resource that is good. These individuals all run businesses in addition to provide services, as do many psychotherapists. The people are connected in the community and refer to every other all of the time.

By the way, when asking anyone for a referral to a mental health therapist that you do not have to go into the details of why you’re searching for a someone unless you want to. It’s enough simply to say, “I’m having some issues and I’d like to consult a therapist about it. Do Richardson recommend anyone?”

3. Ask family members or friends if they could recommend someone. Normally the initial source people reach out to. You should be sure they’ll be supporting and not intrusive.

4. Work with a known therapist as a resource. If you own a buddy’s friend who is a therapist or a friend, ask them for a referral. Therapists refer to one another all of the time. Therapists will understand which you don’t need to view them (for whatever reason, you do not have to say) but you would like a recommendation. Quite simply, if your sister really enjoys your sister therapist even if it doesn’t feel right going to her’s therapist she or he could likely give you a couple of names of good, qualified therapists in the community.

5. Use resources at the office. Many places of employment have what’s called an Employee Assistance Program (EAP). These services may be out sourced or in house but the reason of EAPs will be to offer psychological support and counselling for employees in whole privacy and within the employee’s benefit package. EAPs are often element of the Human Resource department so ask there if your company has an EAP and how to get it. Normally you’ll find a counsel at the EAP for a set variety of sessions (no charge) and if you would like to continue you will be referred by them to.

Will seeing a psychologist help my partner of 10 years?

Six Weird Tips on Psychologists

Based on a research overview from the Stanford University School of Medicine, some forms of psychotherapy can effectively decrease patients’ depression, stress and associated symptoms like nausea, exhaustion and pain. Research increasingly supports the idea that physical as well as emotional well-being are closely linked and that seeing a psychologist can enhance an individual ‘s overall well-being.

There’s convincing evidence that many people who have at least several sessions using a psychologist are much better off than individuals with psychological problems who are untreated. One important study showed that 50 percent of patients noticeably improved after eight sessions, while 75 percent of individuals in therapy improved by the end of six months.

How will I know if treatment is working?

You should create clear targets with your psychologist, as you start therapy. You may be attempting to overcome feelings of hopelessness related to depression or control an anxiety that is disrupting your everyday life. Recall, specific goals require additional time to reach than others. You along with your psychologist should determine at what point you may expect to start to see improvement.

It’s a great sign if you begin to feel an awareness of hope, and an awareness of relief. People frequently feel a wide variety of emotions during therapy. Some qualms about therapy that individuals may have result from their having issue discussing painful and troubling encounters. When you start to feel hope or help, it is sometimes a positive signal indicating that you are beginning to explore your ideas and behavior.

What it costs to go to a psychologist

Consulting fees

The fees that psychologists charge change, and depend on the kind of service and the setting. You will be advised by your psychologist at the beginning about the fees they charge.

The Australian Psychological Society has a Schedule of Recommended Fees for private practice emotional services, which may provide some guidance in the cost. APS psychologists may fix fees based on the financial circumstances of the client’s.

APS program of recommended fees (188kb) ]

Medicare rebates

Medicare benefits are accessible for a variety of specified psychological services for those who have particular ailments, including:

Individuals with mental health disorders (for additional information: Download APS Fact Sheet on Medicare rebates – 78kb)

Kids with autism or any other pervasive developmental disorder (PDD): aged under 15 years for treatment and under 13 years for analysis

Children up to 15 years of age which have any of the following handicaps: sight impairment, hearing impairment, Cerebral palsy, Down syndrome, Fragile X syndrome

Women who are worried about either one that happened in the previous 12 months, or a current pregnancy

People who have complex care needs and a persistent medical condition

Follow-up allied health services for people of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander ancestry

To be eligible to get emotional services under Medicare, an individual should be attributed by his or her GP or in certain cases by a psychiatrist or a paediatrician.

Other government payments

Psychologists work in a range of government- managed or funded emotional services, a lot of which are no or low cost. For instance, your consultation could be covered if you’re a veteran, a casualty of crime, or have been hurt in a traffic injury or in the workplace.

Local council services and community health centres also normally charge no or low fees for a mental consultation. Get in touch with your council, local community health services, or government department that is related in your own state to find if services are available in your region.

Medical insurance rebates

Private health insurance companies may also rebate part of the expense of emotional consultations. Get in touch with your health insurance provider for further information.


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Work Support Pressure, and Mental Health in Building

Workplace Pressure

There’s no one universally accepted definition of pressure. In the
Australia, for instance, the National Institute for Occupational
Health and Safety ?1999? defined work-related anxiety "as
The dangerous psychological and physical reactions that happen when the
Demands of the job don’t fit the abilities, resources,
Or needs. Occupation strain can cause poor health and even
Harm." In The Sutherland Shire of NSW, Mental Health Commission of NSW see more here ?1999? Said "pressure is the reaction people have to excessive
pressures or alternative demands put on people." The Australian Government
Comcare ?2008? defined work-related anxiety as "a kind
Of stress, a state of arousal, and negative emotions experienced in
Relationship to the work function."
There exists a should come up with a better understanding of how
Pressure is experienced in the building industry, the procedures by
Which it may be minimized efficiently or ameliorated and the
Variables that predict why some professionals experience stressrelated
States? Edwards 2005 and Love?. A theory
provide some insight into these problems is the Lazarus and Folkman1984? theory of anxiety assessment. Lazarus ?1991? Supplied a conceptualization
of pressure that focused on work-related stress as a
Procedure, affecting a trade between a person and their
work environment. Based on Lazarus and Folkman ?1984?,
This pressure is cyclical and completely recursive in the results of
the pressure procedure ?strains? Possess the potential to affect future
Results by depleting the or by becoming added resources
Managing resources and skill supports that exist to the
Person. In conditions that are serious or constant, stress can lead
To mental ill health, which affects farther on anxiety and
Stress. Thus, pressure is a circular and always transforms
Procedure that consists of stressors ?i.e., the state that causes
Stress physically?, consequences, and resources, which raises important

Consequences for measurement and Treatment

Lazarus and Folkman ?1984? proposed the subjective assessment
by a person makes their scenario essential to their own wellbeing.
A scenario is unable to be considered trying until the
Person has identified it as such. Stressful conditions are
those appraised as threatening or dangerous to the person, and
those that the person considers they’ll be unable to handle
or control. Thus tension resides in the man nor workplace,
but is a reflection of the individual’s exceptional result to their
Conditions. In compliance with all the pressure-procedure definition,
Work pressure was described as an incompatibility
Person as well as their work environment which is perceived as trying
?Humphy 1998?.
The most critical stressors identified by building supervisors
have been work overload, role ambiguity and conflict, outstanding
Overtime the varied variety of prohibitive career advancement,
Characters encountered in their own work environment, traveling,
Shifting technology, redundancy, customer demands, small resources,
Fiscal pressures, budget solving little, and constraints
But pressing and Davidson and irksome issues?Sutherland
1989; CIOB 2006?. Based on Langford and Sommerville
?1994? the common factors behind anxiety may be categorized as the physical
environment, the organization the physical, the manner in which work in
Handled, the person’s job the relationships together with the organization,
Inside the corporation, societal and private relationships,
Gear, and stress that is individual.

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Balustrades & Handrail Requirements – The Building Code of Australia

Balustrades, Handrails & Stairs

There is a balustrade an upright up stand which shields users of a building next to a perpendicular displacement between flat building surfaces or in the side of a stair. Balustrading is required be stiff enough to resist applied pressure and to obey the BCA. Balustrade could have a handrail over.
To stop individuals from falling, a constant balustrade or obstacle should be supplied alongside any staircase or

image courtesy of :

image courtesy of :

ramp, any flooring, corridor, hall, balcony, verandah, mezzanine or trail of entry to a building if it isn’t bounded by a wall or some level more than one m above adjoining flooring or finished ground level. It’s vital that you be aware the measurement of the height of obstacle or the balustrade is from the finished flooring surface. Finishes such as carpeting and ceramic tiles can make an important difference to the finished floor height.

The Height of Obstacle or a Balustrade ustn’t be Less Than

  • A transition zone could be included where the obstacle or balustrade height changes from
  • 865mm in ramp or the stair flight to 1m in the landing.

To Comply with Requirements of Acceptable Building Training Stairs must not Have

  • So that people can rest more than 18 risers in a flight of steps to make sure that they manage a limited amount of measures before a landing is installed
  • 1:8 should not be exceeded by the most gradient of a ramp and the flooring surface must be non slip.

Obstacles or balustrades ought to be built such that a man cannot fall over or through them while at the exact same time limiting a kid crawling through them. Openings in obstacles or balustrades should be built so that any opening doesn’t allow a 125mm sphere to pass through it where above the nosing line this space is examined for stairs.

A barrier ought to be powerful enough to resist failure should a man fall or lean against it. A balustrade or obstacle has to be made to take loading forces in accordance with AS 1170.1 which demands that a balustrade or obstacle should be structurally sufficient to resist a point load of 0.6kN and an equally distributed load of 0.4kN used inward, external, or down on the handrail. These design loads are meant to make sure that the obstacle is stiff enough to resist a man falling against it without failing (point load) and stiff and powerful enough not to fall should individuals lean against the obstacle (distributed load). The handrail also has to have the ability to resist wind loads especially where there is a solid panel used.

In wetness or weather exposed infil, handrails, posts, newels, balusters and uses should be naturally long-lasting Class1 or Class2 lumber species including ironbark, spotted gum, blackbutt, jarrah, merbau, or kwila with any sapwood present. Instead, preservative ought to be treated to higher or H3 standard and should comply with AS 1604. Ideally, the lumber be straight and ought to be free of any important strength reducing characteristics.

All metal connectors including mounts, screws, bolts and nails ought to be at least hot or for Class 3 corrosion resistance screws, as per AS3566. For coastal settings subject to airborne salts deposit, equal corrosion resistance alloy connections or stainless steel ought to be utilized.

Nail holes ought to be stopped with outdoor grade wood filler. Some loose stuff or soil ought to be removed ahead of coating. Two closing top coats of exterior paint or stain should subsequently be used in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations.

For floorings more than 4m above ground, any flat components within the balustrade or obstacle between 150mm and 760mm above flooring should never ease scaling. To keep this from happening the balustrade be a solid panel obstacle or should have vertical members spaced no more in relation to the maximum opening.

Handrail and Barrier Heights mustn’t be Less Than

  1. 1m over the ground entrance trail, balcony or landing

  2. A transition zone could be included where the obstacle or balustrade height changes from 865mm in the stair flight or ramp to 1m in the landing

  3. Posts should be spaced at 1.8m

  4. Wire has to be stainless steel using a minimal diameter of 3.2mm

  5. Intermediate droppers must be matched at a maximum 9oomm between posts and guaranteed top and underside

  6. Tensioners can be set at every change of direction of 30 degrees or more on each strand of wire

  7. A stable handrail is needed of steel tube using a minimal diameter of 40mm or lumber in accordance with the Timber framing Code AS 1684.2 1999.

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Association for Disability Retrofits

Make a difference in the community when you contribute to The Western Australia Contractors & Tradespeople Association for Disability Retrofits Foundation,  a nonprofit organization in WA.  We are a not-for profit organisation providing advice and information to Persons with Disabilities. We are here to help you find a Contractors & Tradesman for Disability Retrofits in Western Australia .  Locating a pre-screened Contractors & Tradesman (one that needs to do the work,  in the period of time you need it done) is always difficult. The procedure is simplified by our service. You submit a request for a free quote and we supply you a quick answer, usually within hours. (Free of charge)

If you wish to contact us while our site is under construction, please dont hesitate. Ph/Fax: 1800 9995 660 – Mobile: 0311 576 276 email: [email protected]

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Comparison Between Common forms of Flooring

Wondering which type of flooring to utilize in your house? It is a major choice because not all forms of flooring are appropriate in all rooms.


The cost of carpet flooring still the most efficient kind of flooring to update or replace while it changes. It gives off a soft appearance to a room and feels soft. Carpet flooring is, in addition, not noisy to walk on, so there is no. If you are trying to find an affordable, simple- to-install choice, go for carpeting.

There are drawbacks, however. First, upkeep may be an issue carpeting flooring gets stained and collect filth, because when vacuumed and shampooed frequently. There are stain-resistant carpets accessible, but they aren’t immune to spots. More to the point, carpeting shouldn’t be used by you if someone in your family has allergies.


Marble, for example, seems amazing but is slick when wet. Porcelain is immune to spots and moisture, but is not easy to cut up. Due to this, you need to consider the kind of tile where it’d be put and to be used.

Tiles are not usually soft unless you are barefoot, to walk on. When they break, they can not be easy to fix. Specific tiles are slick when wet, like granite and marble. Tiles like limestone and terracotta should be glazed to shield it from water. Having a tile flooring is likely to allow it to be even colder if you reside in cold weather.


Try vinyl if you’d like a low-cost alternative. It is simple to set up and clean; immune to scrapes, spots and water; and it could be made to look like stone, ceramic or hardwood like other sorts of flooring. Unlike hardwood or tile, vinyl feels soft. It is hot either.

It is also catchy to fix, and the versions that are more affordable tend to discolour. Vinyl flooring may be put in rooms that do not need softer padding like kitchen, laundry room or the veranda.


Seeking flooring that is environment friendly? Contemplate attempting cork. It is not difficult to wash, water- and stain-resistant, consumes noise, and is a great insulator. In addition, you have to reapply the price’s wax finish each year.


This kind of flooring is rough, a cinch to wash and preserve, and resistant to spots and scratches –even for those who own a pet in the home. When it is ruined by you, it can not ever be refinished.


Wood is a resistant, long lasting form of flooring that is simple to wash and preserve. On top of that, it seems amazing and may be refinished.

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Why Use Frameless Glass?

You will find in fact several reasons toughened panes are found in the building of glass pool fencing. Primarily, it’s more immune to impact stress, meaning that it WOn’t break. You must remember the objective of the fencing would be to keep unauthorised individuals outside the pool region; this may defeat the objective if the panes may be readily broken. From happening, this will even help avoid inadvertent breakage.

If among the panes were to break, it’ll divide into tiny blocks with edges that are curved rather than large shards which could possibly cut someone.

Toughened sheets are employed in glass pool fencing for good reason, as you are able to observe – they’re made to shield the swimming pool from harm from unauthorised entry as well as your family members. In the event you are thinking about erecting such a fencing in your backyard, make sure your frameless glass fencing Sydney contractor is using toughened panes (although they’re occasionally referred to as tempered). This can make sure your obstacle is safe and complies with all laws and regulations.

Second, toughened panes tend to be more immune to temperature changes than conventional ones. This really links to the aforementioned point regarding strength, as glass can shatter whether it goes from being cold to hot (or vice versa) too fast. The toughening procedure ensures that this type of scenario will never happen, even in the peak of winter or summer. The surface will even stay relatively cool to the touch, ensuring that burns WOn’t happen.

Do you know the advantages of contemplating glass pool fencing?

An easy task to install: The glass pool fencing is quite easy set up which is actually quite fast job. This is best choice for you personally in the event you’d like to get the fastest, most convenient and worry free installation of fencing for the pool then. All you need to do would be to call the business and they can get it done immediately!

Increased Look: The glass consistently makes everything tasteful and then it’ll certainly make your pool look more graceful and lovely, when you are going to contemplate having the glass fencing for the pool. And above all, it’s also quite fashionable today.

Delusion of space that is larger: Additionally, it gives little delusion of getting a larger space of a pool if you think about installing the glass pool fencing for the pool then. It provides the look of increased pool area that is actually invaluable for moderate or small size pools.

Quite efficient in care: The care of glass fencing for the pool will be fast and extremely quite simple. The glass will not need cleaning that is overly difficult and that’s why the care attempts will decrease mechanically.

Long-Lasting: The glass fencing is a lot stronger than you believe it’s. It will be actually quite perfect option for you personally because it WOn’t appear rusty or old following a decade. The glass fencing elegance after a longer duration of time so this can be yet another edge for you personally and will not lose its appeal. And it’s also a lot stronger and appropriate for the house than other things.

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Pouring Concrete Like a True Pro

Underneath is a step by step guide on the best way to pour concrete.

Measure #1: Make a strategy

Like every significant job that is DIY, you must plan for your concrete as it is incredibly hard to correct in the event that you make a blunder, placing job. You should assess the space you want to concrete over. In addition, you have to take into account other variables like foot traffic, and disposition, weather, amongst others.

Measure #2: Prepared the materials

In the event you are coping with a tiny region, you can simply buy pre-mixed concrete. For bigger regions, it’d be more cost effective should you get the materials independently and then combine others yourself. While there are various kinds of pre-mixed concrete, look for the ones which are suited to residential jobs. As part of your materials checklist, do not forget to include the following:

  • Timber boards
  • Cord and wooden pegs
  • Fibreboard strips
  • Contractor’s square
  • Spirit level
  • Scoop and spade
  • Polythene sheeting
  • Measure

#3: Prepare the foundation

Dig to the depth you want to fill with concrete, when you are done. Keep in mind that the foundation needs to be larger by 75mm to 150mm in relation to the finished slab.

Step #4: Set up the formwor

Put the lumber boards against the wooden pegs and align them correctly using the cords. Make use of the spirit level to see whether the very top of the formwork is with the concrete. Ultimately, nail the boards to the wooden pegs so the concrete would not ooze out and ensure there are not any spaces in between them.

Measure #5: Combine the concrete

It will be wise to employ a power mixer, in the event you are working on a big region. For smaller jobs, you can combine your concrete. Only see that you won’t mix concrete on soil; use a wooden plank instead.

To the plank using a spade, measure the proper quantity of every substance, stack a bucket with it, and combine the stuff until the colour is uniform. Dig a hole in the middle out, add some water, then turn the mixture over several times until everything is damp, and push in the concrete mixture into the small moat.

Step #6: Pour and level the concret

Pour into the formwork and distribute the mixture equally using your spade. In the event you are placing concrete over a place broader or longer than 4 metres, part the formwork into several sections using fibreboard strips to stop the concrete from cracking. Ensure all places in the formwork are correctly filled with no spaces in between.

Eliminate as essential.

Measure #7: enable the concrete to place

Cover with all the polythene sheeting. Wait for a complete day before removing the formwork.

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Handrails for the Disabled in Australia


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Many modern handrails were created to help those with ambulatory impairments, especially blindness and specific impairments. The Australians with Disabilities Act The Building Code of Australia establishes specific structural parameters to which many public and commercial places must conform to be completely accessible to individuals with physical handicaps. Among those parameters covers positioning and the layout of including grab bars, handrails. Used in several houses, handrails aren’t restricted to public places. But most grab bars and handrails found in private settings may also be made to meet The Building Code of Australia standards


The Stuff

For grab bars and handrails to meet with The Building Code of Australia standards, public need to have the ability to resist a specific amount of pressure. But handrails and some grab bars (see made to be used in-house use are manufactured from PVC pipe or reinforced nylon.



The most frequent forms of handrails are those used for wheelchair access ramps and pathways, stairs. These railings go along paths parallel to incline or the earth. It’s not unusual for all these railings to enter shades or vibrant shades that contrast the backdrop. Additionally, these kinds of The Building Code of Australia railings will most likely have Braille signage at every end, showing destination and the location of the railing.


Grab Bars

There is a grab bar a shortened handrail, used mainly in toilets to help disabled persons. Bathroom grab bars are very common but can even be set up in a disabled person’s residence. These bars normally sit next to the bathroom on both sides or one, letting the handicapped person. Similar grab bars are manufactured for baths and showers. A grab bar’s purpose is generally to assist in movement and support in private scenarios where a wounded or disabled man is not likely to want help from a different individual.



There are a number of mobile grab bars in the marketplace that use suction cups at every end to stick to some surface that is smooth. These aren’t designed as they’d be unable to satisfy with the stress conditions, using suction cups. But these help people that have moderate impairments or people who travel a good deal.



Used mainly in hospitals, particularly psychiatric wards, these railings possess a sheet that goes to an adjoining wall in the interior of the railing. This helps to ensure that patients cannot tie anything with which to hang themselves around the railing.

Shower Seats

Shower seats are ADA grab bars that are related to and so are usually manufactured from a substance that is similar. Shower seats usually have a grab bar that is built in or nearby.

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The best way to construct a Veranda in NSW

Need to make your lawn beautiful? Subsequently contemplate building a veranda–with materials and the appropriate tools, it may not be somewhat difficult. Here’s how:

Measure #1: Layout the layout

You first should prepare a layout of the veranda. Afterward a rectangular layout would have been a great design to begin with if that is your first DIY job. Using complex shapes with unusual angles or curves would need specific tools like masonry saws, which will cost you more cash.

Measure #2: Look for a place that is suitable

Then, you should discover an excellent site where the veranda would stand. Here are some factors:

Anything more than this and you’ve got to rank (i.e. increase the amount) the surrounding region.
Obstacles: prevent building under trees; tree roots could be damaged by any digging. And do not forget to call your utility suppliers and ask about any hidden lines in the region before digging.
Height: avoid low places where water can collect.
Shadiness: the veranda could be outside, but if you don’t would like to bask under the warm sunshine in any respect times, find a shaded space. Add plants that could supply some cover whether there are none.

Here are the materials you will need for the veranda:

  1. Landscaping sand
  2. Handheld or gasoline-powered tamper
  3. Landscaping material
  4. Landscaper spray
  5. Paving stones
  6. Cord and stakes
  7. Landscaping flagstone (this will probably serve as the edge of the veranda)
  8. Screed
  9. Sweeper
  10. Tape measure
  11. Flat scoop
  12. Rubber mallet

Measure #4: Mark the place

It is time to indicate the layout of the veranda in the earth. Drive the stakes into the earth and then tie the cord around each stake. For those who have landscaper spray, indicate the earth directly too.

You can hire an excavator or set the soil for another project in a dumpster if you don’t want to make use of it.

Next, you put the landscaping material over the excavated area. Allow the material stretch for at least 6 inches over the borders of the veranda, then make use of the stakes to hold it in place. It’s possible for you to cut the material later after setting the borders of the veranda.

Ensure the region is level, and put a 2-inch layer of sand to maintain the paving stones.

Measure #6: Place the edge

Once the base layers of the veranda are set, it is time to set the rock boundary. Not all rocks would most likely possess the same depth thus make use of the sand to correct the height of the rocks. When the rocks are level by using your rubber mallet them flat.

Add another tier of sand in the region encompassed by the boundary, subsequently screed the sand before putting the paving stones. When you tamp on the paving stones, they’ll be degree with the border stones.

Then tamp the veranda again when all the paving stones are spread sand over the veranda using a sweeper to fill each of the crevices between the thinner ones.

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Protecting Pensioners From Tradesmen

It’s the new service protecting seniors from being ripped off by dodgy tradies. The tradesmen are reliable, the work is honest and it’s dirt cheap.

The Commonwealth Home and Community Care (HACC) Program provides funding for services which support frail older people and their carers, who live in the community and whose capacity for independent living are at risk of premature or inappropriate admission to long term residential care.

Older people are people aged 65 years and over and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people aged 50 years and over.

For more information, phone the Aged Care Information Line on 1800 200 422.

Source :

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Aged Care Home Repairs & Maintenance

The qualified team of tradespeople in  Australia will be able to help you with all your home maintenance and modifications jobs – outside and in, to ensure your house is secure and safe.

You might qualify for support through Commonwealth HACC Program or the Community Care.

Organizing and paying for services for a loved one or yourself means when control of what services you can have is supplied and that you’re fully in it.

Our tradespeople are completely insured, police checked and prepared to undertake small and big occupations.

Our team are Work Health and Safety (WHS) take photo identification to supply you with peace of mind and certified.

Home adjustments

Enhance your house to satisfy your lifestyle! Changes raise your freedom and may make remaining living in your own house safer. We can install pits and storm water drains to remove muddy yards and pools. We can do simple things like install a detector light if someone comes knocking at your front door, or in order to see better at night.

We project manage the occupation to your specifications and supply an entire service from beginning to end.

House care

If your home is looking a bit weary and in need of some TLC, the qualified team of tradespeople in  Australia will be able to help you with all your house care occupations – inside and exterior. We can paint an entire house or a wall and those small things that appear to mount up can be repaired by us – leaky faucets, door handles that are broken, discoloured broken roof tiles, tile grout, light switches and power points and a lot more.

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Disability Ramp Builders

The Western Australia Contractors & Tradespeople Association for Disability Retrofits Foundation is here to assist you to determine which type of wheelchair ramp suits your particular situation. We can assist you by answering some fundamental ramp questions:

Is the ramp for company or a house? Do you need a temporary or long-term ramp? What’s the finest stuff to use?

After you determine which ramp suits you, we will hook you up with installers and providers to make sure to get the job done!

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Disability Handrails

image courtesy of :

image courtesy of :

Changes to our surroundings face the added challenges related to living at home and will end up crucial as we grow older. Falls are the most typical injury throughout the house and could be avoided by the usage of security bars and handrails to supply the additional support needed by the elderly and people who have limited freedom as well as firmness. Handrails may be utilized during your house to give security and help prevent tumbles along ramps, steps and halls and can help you lower your danger of dropping and offer a safe, reachable encompassing and maintain your equilibrium. It is the most affordable house and toilet adjustment made!


Grab bars should be mounted securely, rather screwed right to wall studs or wood blocking. In expectation, walls should have been fortified with wood blocking in the tub, shower and toilet spaces, in the time of building. Sadly, this really is generally not the situation because most home builders have not contemplated the needs of those aged or handicapped. We discover that stud spacing can be at random particularly in the restroom, across the toilet and shower space. Depending on individual demands, grab bars may be mounted vertically or at an angle to coincide with existing wall studs. Flat setup may be hard in existing states because bar size and stud spacing don’t fit.

The railing returned to the wall ends rounded off or terminate in the posts.

We construct security bars and handrails to the The Building Code of Australia in conformity:

The Building Code of Australia handrail dimensionsWe assemble and install steel handrails were approved by The Building Code of Australia for measures and wheelchair ramps for the Houston, Texas and surrounding region. Setup and our handrail layout are based upon the demands of every person as well as place and custom made for each program. Our accredited and certified welder has more than 20 years of welding expertise. We use stainless steel or schedule 40 steel conduit to construct handrails.

We offer (BCA) compliant, totally enclosed suicide evidence grab bars and handrails for suicide prevention and patient safety. The enclosed suicide evidence catch from tying anything to hospital patients barbottom keeps them. See details. Please contact us to find out more.

Contact us, we’ve got years of expertise, constantly prepared to assist you with conditions or any questions and offer every customer top quality, low costs, speedy, friendly, personable service. We can make your own life simpler and have the reachable options for you!

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Local Handyman Wheelchair Fabricator

While I read this it pissed me away !! It demonstrates how greed can change you no matter where your home is and what states you’ve got to survive..
You’re a seasoned handyman metal worker in Central America who has been comparatively successful in the business.

He shifted his company and started assembling wheelchairs in his store, when the child learned of proper wheelchair designs meant to be built and used in developing countries. Since that time his son had embraced and enhanced a layout developed by Whirlwind Wheelchair International from Australia. And this store now employs 10 wheelchair passengers as developing learn useful abilities assembling seats.

His organization is so supplying vocational training for disabled people, value added economic action, and wheelchairs that function well and hold up in the rough conditions they’re exposed to in your state. Disabled work 10 months annually, giving the ability to create 300 seats annually.

Now for the BS Component !! You understand that Mr. Moneybags is somehow related to handicap support in developing countries.

Yet, in the past your only encounter with folks like Mr. Moneybags is that they dump them on the marketplace at really low costs and import low quality seats. This drives the cost down to a point where you are unable to sell your seats and endangers there the employment of the workers and business. Sadly, since they can be made abroad with procedures and distinct parts, it’d generally cost more to repair them than to construct a brand new, higher quality seat. His seats enable a passenger considerably more freedom of movement on the rough terrainin substantially of the state and will usually continue at least under significant use.

This enterprise to me is a win, win scenario for the workers as the work who learn Tell me your idea, I’m in a wheelchair and I understand the worth of a great one.

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Building Services for Disability Access

Handicap Adjustments provides an end to end building service, utilising over 25 years specialist expertise and a variety of abilities and abilities within our team.

  • Servicing public and private buildings
  • Including offices, houses, hospitals, aged care facilities and other facilities
  • Long-lasting or temporary constructions, alternatives and alterations

Alternatives and various alternatives for one off occasions, scenarios that are temporary (including healing and recuperation), and long-term facilities
Interior and outdoor works

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Balustrade and handrails for Disability access and mobility compliant

A handicap access and freedom balustrade that is compliant facilitates circulation As part of the BCA codes, handicap accessibility and freedom balustrades that are compliant use handrails that are uninterrupted, making them suitable and simple for everyone to grab and move through spaces unimpeded. Freedom and handicap accessibility are critical to the legal and successful functioning of a space.

Conforming to these codes empowers greater access for the disabled and easier flow. Each of the balustrades holds and creates a feeling of movement.

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Plumbing Solutions and Disability Aids

Plumbing Solutions Disability Aids specialises in repairs, pipes comforts, availability, renovations and security fixtures for handicapped and the aged.

Friendly local pipes team has 20 years’ expertise in the South-East Queensland region, and can cover any complex care or building need, including availability aids, disabled toilets, commercial toilet renovations, kitchen alterations, security mechanics and other conveniences.

Covering the whole Brisbane to Gold Coast area and based in QLD, we work with aged care, health care and medical facilities throughout South-East Queensland. No job is little or too large, and we can accommodate to any condition that is specialised.

  • Handicapped toilets (practices, offices and houses)
  • Simple accessibility handsfree detector faucets and tapware
  • Specialised toilets, seats and pans
  • Security fixtures
  • Kitchen renovations and alterations

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Tradesman’s Essential To Wheelchair Ramps

These links will take you to publications that have great wooden ramp preparation and construction guidance:

Wood Ramp Design and Construction Manual

Wood Ramp Design – NC State University

This isn’t a beginner-level construction job. Everyone who uses the ramp’s security is at position, so the ramp must be made of the finest materials and built according to all local building codes.

Here are some ramp construction hints:

  • If you begin with treated lumber the ramp you assemble will continue much longer and need less care.
  • Use fasteners that are treated for outside use. The fasteners defined to be used in decks and fences will work good.
  • Nonskid paints and adhesive grip tape are popular for slide-proofing wood ramps. Sadly, they just work for a brief period of time before they should be reapplied and fail.

An alternative that is much better are the new aluminum nonskid tread strips. They’re not difficult to install and last a very long time.

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